MasterClass: Typography

Introduction to Typography 

Typography is everywhere. In this introductory video, you will learn about common types of fonts and what you need to know about the. We'll also jump into how you can combine fonts to help graphic designs stand out! Lastly, the video will also cover fonts to avoid as well as important terms such as hierarchy, leading and kerning!

6 Typography Golden Rules

Do you understand the basic rules of typography layout and size? In todays video tutorial, 6 golden rules for typography in graphic design have been laid out, but also a couple bonus tips at the very end. And on top of that, there is even a quiz to test your knowledge on the content in todays typography video.

Typography Trends in 2021

Typography is hugely important to your graphic designs, and incorrect typography can totally ruin a design. But what about typographic trends? In this video we look at wether or not you should follow typography trends for 2021, and what they look like on designs and in real life.