Graphic Design

The perfect course to learn about design tools and hacks to create stunning creatives and
jump-start your business and career

Duration:  5 Hours

What will you learn in this course?

In a Practical-First approach, this is what you will learn if you undertake this journey
Understand the most important fundamentals of visual design and accessibility

Fundamentals of design 

Learn the basic fundamentals of design, from adobe certified instructors as they help you master the visual arts.

Learn Adobe Illustrator

Understand the basics of Adobe Illustrator by adobe certified instructor, Daniel Walter Scott.

Create amazing logos for brands and businesses

Understand the essentials of logo design, discover the latest trends, and learn niche hacks

 Typography & Fonts

Wield & combine various fonts to help graphic elements stand out, understand layout and size plus the 6 golden rules for typography in graphic design!

Wireframe Design

Behind each great design are multiple mock-ups and iterations. Learn the tools designers use to bring their ideas to life

Who is this course for?

Coaches & Trainers
Build a personal brand that your audience loves. Design your own logo, choose a color palette, understand which fonts to use to build an outstanding personal brand identity.

Content Creators
Monetize your influence & following further. Create a better brand that your followers love. From promo intros to logos, design everything in-house.

Learn what makes a brand’s identity pop and create amazing designs for your personal projects.

Grab your customers’ attention faster in the digital world. Create brand identities that make you stand out in the crowd and help your customers remember your brand

Build amazing design for your clients in less than a day with deep insights into design fundamentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It's an On-Demand program. Once you sign up for the program, post launch, you will get access to the course content immediately. You can watch the content and learn as per your convenience and availability.
  • This program is for anyone desirous to learn design and design fundamentals. for everyone who don't know how to code and still want to learn how to build amazing websites and landing pages.

    How do I access the content?

    After you sign up for the program, you’ll be taken to the course content directly. But Here’s how you can access program content:
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    ‍Step 2: Find the login button on the menu bar and click it.If you are already a learner, then just sign in normally by entering your email ID, & password and you will find the course under the "My Courses" section.

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