MasterClass: Basics of Sketching

Basics of Sketching Episode 1

In this series, led by Industrial Designer Reid Schlegel, we're going to be exploring the basics of sketching. In the very first episode, Reid elaborates that the foundation of any drawing is its line formation. He then goes on to teach exercises students can do to practice their lines: from the dot-grid to the blank canvas method! 

Basics of Sketching Episode 2

In this second video by Industrial Designer Reid Schlegel, he goes into the world of perspective. Differentiating between a two-point and three-point perspective, Reid effectively communicates how you can use this aspect of sketching to convey your ideas in a more impactful manner!

Basics of Sketching Episode 3

In this last episode of the Basics of Sketching by Industrial Designer Reid Schlegel, we learn about line weight, and how to get deeper into the details of a sketch. Reid explains how to judge where to use a thin and thick line to help complement the idea your design is trying to communicate!

Sketching 101

In this video, renowned artist Jazza showcases his tips and tricks and uses his lengthy experience to explain the fundamentals of sketching! This masterclass is a must-watch for anyone interested in the world of sketching and we definitely recommend it!