Master Adobe Illustrator

13 Beginner Tips to elevate your Illustrator skillset

In this comprehensive tutorial, Graphic Designer and Photographer Nathaniel Dodson shares editing tricks that changed his design workflow. From Smart Guides to Global Colours, Pathfinders to Live Shapes, you will learn a variety of tools to take your designs to the very next level.

Logo Design meets Illustrator

Let's be real, logo design when the time is short can be a tall order. In this course, you will learn to bypass the panic and develop a foolproof method for creating professional logos. We’ll break the method down into three simple building blocks, allowing you to create multiple logo concepts that combine vector elements to high-impact effect. 

Data Visualisation with Illustrator

Representing your data in an articulate, effective, but most importantly, visually engaging way is crucial in today's times. In this video, led by certified Adobe Instructor, Daniel Walter Scott, you will lean the fundamentals of Data Visualisation in Illustrator - from Pie Charts to Bar Graphs!

The Puppet Warp Tool: Illustrator's most powerful feature

In this video, you'll learn how to free transform your vector artwork with the Puppet Warp tool. Helping you bring dynamism to a static piece, the warp tool is one of Illustrator's most potent features. It can even be adapted to Adobe After Effects to create animations by altering a static image frame by frame!

Isometric Design 

At the very forefront of visual arts trends in Adobe Illustrator lies Isometric Design: a 3 dimensional piece in which there are no converging perspective lines. In this video, we will break down how you can make a smooth and functional Isometric Design. Learn how to make an Isometric Grid, supplement your design with shadows and depth, and finally, complete an art work you are proud of!